The week(ish) that was

Things have been a bit crazy since my last post. Apart from dealing with some ‘interesting’ comments on my piece in The Conversation, I’ve become involved in a new project which sits at the nexus between conservation planning, climate and economics, which means some interesting times are ahead (the excitement dulled slightly as I realised how much literature I now need to wade through).

I have some in depth posts currently on ice which I hope to return to soon, but for the benefit of my two readers here’s a some things which have caught my eye recently:

Good reads:

Not so good news:

For anyone who is aware (or not) of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity reports, keep an eye out for some video streamed lectures from the new TEEB graduate course being delivered at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. I’ll post the links here when they appear, or else check the Yale website. Here’s the TEEB leader Pavan Sukdev addressing the London School of Economics on ‘Ending the Economic Invisibility of Nature’