The week(ish) that was # 5

A double dose of news today, as I was slack last week and missed a post:

  • The United Nations’ Global Sustainability Panel launched its latest report calling for sustainable development to be integrated within economic policies in nations around the world. Unsatisfied with using just one buzzword in the title, the UN really tries to get the point across in its report ‘Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A Future Worth Choosing’. The Guardian (here and here) and RenewEconomy have coverage.

Poephila cincta cincta: Potentially the only thing to get in between two of Australia’s living treasures

  • Search for endangered birds threatens mine projects. Birds Australia intend to do a full survey of the Galilee Basin (the as-yet unopened but soon-to-be new coal-mining centre of Australia), after the endangered southern subspecies of the Black Throated Finchwas sighted on Bimblebox Nature Refuge last year (coincidently precisely where Clive Palmer hopes to extract 1.4billion tonnes of coal). via ABC


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