The week that was # 6

Still getting back into the swing of things this week, but here’s a few things which caught my eye:

  • Appetite for destruction fuels corporate profits: An awful news title but nevertheless an interesting story. Accounting firm KPMG have compiled a report which estimates that the corporate sector as a whole is generating environmental damage worth around 40 per cent of its profits. You could either take a cynical or positive stance to this (I wonder why environmental costs are externalised… vs an opportunity for innovative businesses to adapt to the new market conditions), but regardless it’s great to see more attention being paid to environmental accounting. via ABC PM
  • UNESCO is in Australia this week, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg has the details – via The Conversation
  • Amazingly, The Australian has a reasonable piece on the UNESCO visit.
  • Greenpeace lays its cards on the table. via SMH

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