From Leipzig, with TEEB

Here’s a few snaps from my recent visit to Germany for the TEEB Conference in Leipzig. More about that later.

Downtown Leipzig, Germany
Walking south of the city centre, towards the lakes

Leipzig is a beautiful city. It may be small and perhaps not the most happening place on earth, but I can’t help but be fond of European urban cuteness. My host from UFZ, Nina, was incredibly welcoming and made my stay even more pleasant. Florian also made a huge effort to show myself and a small band of Australians around all of the interesting parts of the city that only a local could do well. I hope to go back there again one day.

Saxon Switzerland National Park, via Bad Schandau

I took a week’s leave after the conference and took the opportunity to explore Dresden, including the Saxon Switzerland National Park, on the German-Czech border – plus trips to Prague and Berlin (although the latter was spent mainly in bed thanks to my apparent talent of falling ill every time I travel).

I gave a talk to my lab yesterday which covered the work I presented in Leipzig, as well as my overall thoughts on the TEEB conference (which are admittedly still rather disorganised). I’ll be organising this into a blog post/article for Decision Point in the near future.

Dresden, with the fully rebuilt Frauenkirche (destroyed during WWII) in the background

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